We are a small congregation with a huge heart.  Those who come to Bluebank soon experience a "family" atmosphere with plenty of love.  We love one another, care about one another, and help one another.  You will hear many refer to one another as "brother" or "sister" and as always - hugs are free.

We are people just like you. We come from different backgrounds, hold different jobs, live in different neighborhoods, and we’re just different. But, we can all have the same focus, the same desire, and the same goal, to worship Jesus Christ and to live for Him. The Bluebank First Church of God is affiliated with the Church of God Reformation Movement in Anderson, Indiana.

The Church of God is a movement within the larger body of Christians that seeks to develop a spirit of evangelism and unity among all Christians. This particular movement began around the year 1881 and eventually established its general offices in Anderson, Indiana. In Anderson, we have our publishing house, Warner Press, Inc; Anderson University (one of several Church of God colleges); and various national agencies, which carry on the work of missions, Christian Education, and evangelism throughout the world.

D. S. Warner, an early pioneer minister largely responsible for establishing the movement, saw a need for unity among Christian people in various denominations. Therefore, Church of God leaders early determined that membership would not be based upon joining the church, but rather upon an individual s personal relationship in the Church of God without formal action being taken

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